Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Leaving Brussels

After two weeks of lobbying the European Commission (the EU's executive branch), I am departing Belgium in disgust. While a few members of the cabinet have quietly expressed interest in my findings about the proliferation of Elysian Zorns, officially I have been branded as a persona non grata -- barred from entering the Berlaymont building.

My intern Scarlet and I will leave forthwith. Tomorrow morning, hours before daybreak, we will stow ourselves in the hold of a cargo plane owned by a certain Algerian pilot sympathetic to our cause. A man who -- I might add -- despite having only one eye, has more vision than all the politicians of the Continent combined.

Scarlet, as always, seems to enjoy the skulduggery of all this. Her joking is relentless. (I can see why EarthWatch wanted to be rid of her.)

Myself, I am humiliated to have to descend to this mode of travel... But it is a necessity. An opportunity has arisen in the Far East -- and nothing will stand in the way of my seizing this moment.

For reasons of safety, I'll withhold saying more about where we're headed until we've arrived.

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Darkstrider said...

This is getting really good.....

It's the backstory that's really making it exceptional.